Coaching & Development

In our experience being a part of Business Coaching is one of the most important things you can do to develop yourself personally and professionally. Our team focused a large majority of our time and energy on developing ourselves, developing our business partners and developing our community.  

Our coaching involves components you might expect for your business development and some you may not–but we feel that all of it makes you a better leader and growing your business faster.

We offer group coaching, individual coaching, and an internship program for future professionals.

Group Coaching

Any habit expert will tell you that belonging to a group of people who hold the same goals & values as you DRAMATICALLY increases your success potential. Group coaching provides just that.


You will be matched with a Cohort of professionals for a period of 12 weeks. Your cohort will be your support community through the challenges of the group coaching period, a sources of valuable ideas to improve your business and can be a network of partners long after your coaching period has ended.

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Your cohort will meet together will your coach once a week. Meetings will include a business-related training topic, and discussion time to “mastermind” successes and challenges with weekly goals.

Meetings will be conducted virtually for a duration of 30-45 min. and occur at the same time each week. Attendance at every weekly meeting is HIGHLY encouraged.


Your Group Coaching experience WILL change you, and producing change takes WORK.

Each week you will be given a number of challenges to complete. These challenges are designed to have you complete projects that will improve your business success and develop lasting habits that will benefit you as a leader.

1:1 Coaching

Sometimes your goals may require a more individual approach. With 1:1 coaching we will work with you on goals and questions which are unique to you and your business.

1:1 Coaching sessions run 45-60 minutes.

The Internship

By Will & Way Enterprises

Learning is about a lot more than just the classroom, ESPECIALLY when it comes to career preparedness. That is why we are proud to be able to provide work experience training to students in our local community.

Our internship follows three basic tenants:

To raise up young professionals who embody the values of humility and life-long learning.

To provide opportunities for students to develop valuable transferrable career skills in light of a changing employment marketplace.

To provide technical skills training, networking opportunities, and job references to future business professionals to assist then in navigating early stages of their career and promote the flourishing of our local companies that hire young professionals.

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