iBuyer Program

In the current housing market being a buyer can be…a challenge!
Sometimes the kind of home you need is not available.
Sometimes a home like the one you need becomes available, but there are too many buyers interested in that same home.
We understand this can be discouraging, but we believe that there is a way to find your future home!
Our iHaveABuyer Program was created with you in mind.

How does iHaveABuyer Work?

1. We determine your needs: what kind of home do you need? Where do we want to look for your future home?

2. We make your family stand out: we create a compelling video that highlights your family and your needs.

3. We get your family out there: we circulate tablets with your family’s video introduction in the area(s) you are looking for.


Buying and Selling Homes is not the same as buying any good or service. People’s homes are near to their heart: they build their lives in their homes! Because of this, homeowners often will choose to sell their homes to buyers who they think will experience their home in similar life-shaping ways: they sell to people they like. By telling your family’s story we are telling potential home sellers what story they could invest in by choosing you as their home’s next owner.

Most families know that they want to sell their home long before they take the leap. By getting your story out there we increase our chances of connecting with a homeowner who is just waiting for the right time to sell–and the right time to sell could be the time they have the opportunity to sell to you!


iHaveABuyer was created for families who are experiencing difficulty with finding their future home. However, the system will work for any active home buyer!

If you would like to be a part of the program, or know someone who should know about this program please see our sign ups & nominations form below

Meet Adam and Patricia, a couple with four kids looking to buy a home to accommodate their large family. They are looking for a place where they can comfortably eat together as a family, have room for all the kids in the kitchen to prep for taco night, host fun gatherings with friends, and more.

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