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The Process


When it comes to selling your house, the right price matters. Competitive pricing generates the most activity from buyers and agents, while a price that’s too high can contribute to a longer stay on the market and, ultimately, a drop in price.

We spend 3-5  hours doing real analysis and our results are extremely accurate. We use exact comps in your neighborhood and apply appraiser-like formulas & adjustments.
Historically our list prices are within 1 or 2% of the final sales price.


Staging is what creates a “wow factor” when a buyer walks through the door of your property. It’s what causes an emotional response and can often be an influence on whether or not an offer is made.

From maximizing curb appeal to creating a clean and open interior, I will guide you on how to capture maximum buyer interest by highlighting the unique features of your house. Your custom staging plan even includes furniture and other accents to make your home impress every buyer.


The best way to maximize your profit is to have AS MANY EYES on your home as possible.

Our marketing strategy includes professional videography and photography, virtual tours, SEO optimized web and social media advertising, and prominent featuring on over 300 property marketing websites, including the Multiple Listing Service and Keller William’s International Property Marketing.

Concierge Service

We UNDERSTAND prepping your home can be overwhelming.

I’ve heard the story dozens of times of family members inheriting a home that is just too full of stuff and hard to clean up so they sell “as is”. While it may seem “easier”, often they leave $20k to $50k on the table! Our Concierge Service takes over all the work while allowing you to recover that lost profit.

What You Do

Say “GO”

What we do

Everything Else

The goal of prepping a home for market is to make a buyer walk into a home and be able to feel themselves living there. This does not take extreme remodeling, but some basic (and relatively inexpensive) tweaks to the painting, hardware, landscaping and organization of furniture that can make a big difference.

We will take care of all of these minor items for you and bill the fees through escrow. Typical costs range between $5k and $10k. For this service we offer 2 main options:


After reviewing the home staging report and deciding on the items to complete, our contractor is willing to start with only half upfront with the rest of the work being paid at the end of escrow. While a lot of contractors do not do this, since it is a risk on their end of when they will be paid, we have such a strong relationship and reputation of success that they are willing to do the best work to get the home top dollar.

This means you would be billed by the remainder of the home preparation services including:

  • Full home cleaning from a professional cleaning service
  • Window cleaning to make the home bring in extra light
  • Carpet cleaning (if needed)

After reviewing the home staging report and deciding on the items to complete, I am willing to pay upfront for the work to be completed and get paid back through escrow. This way there is no money coming out of your pocket, and the home will be able to sell for top dollar!

Once the contractor work is completed, we will get the rest scheduled so your home can hit the market right away. This means:

  • Full home cleaning from a professional cleaning service
  • Window cleaning to make the home bring in extra light
  • Carpet cleaning if needed
  • Complete home staging with pictures, real and artificial flowers throughout, and furniture if it will enhance the feel of the home

What People Are Saying

With William Lau’s help our home was in ESCROW in just 6 days on the market.  Total of 42 agents came for a private viewing of the property and received a total of 16 offers. I was impressed to say the least!  William knew the climate of real estate in my area and guided me through various choices  to make to sell the house quickly.  To top it off, we sold the house $22K over the list price!


When my husband and I weren’t sure if we wanted to rent out or sell our condo, Will met with my husband for several hours and thoroughly explained all our options. We decided to sell, and throughout the whole process, it was clear that Will always had our best interests in mind. He was always up to date on comparable condos on the market so we could be strategic in pricing, negotiating, and marketing. We received excellent customer service from Will and would recommend him as trustworthy and knowledgeable to anyone we know.